Your Livestock Tab in your Working Plan will track the movements of livestock throughout the year. There are several ways to view this tab that can help you monitor the changes and make better reporting decisions.

Viewing Options:

Click on the eye icon at the top right hand of the screen to select the different viewing options.

Stock Quantities - this is a default setting in your Working Plan to show a running total of Stock Quantities along the bottom of the Livestock Tab. This option will total your stock numbers throughout the year.

Stock Units - you can select the Stock unit option to view your monthly total stock units throughout the year to help you plan for your feed requirements. Make sure that you have your Stock Units for each of your stock categories set up in the Farm Code settings correctly. Learn more about recommended stock units here.

Show Monthly Balances - This is a handy viewing option to track your monthly tallies as stock numbers increase or decrease throughout the year. The Monthly balance will show on Line 2 and only in the months that have stock movements.

Stock on Hand - this option activates the column in your Livestock Tab that will show your Stock on Hand at the revision date

Remaining Budget - This view inserts a column on the right-hand side which tracks your remaining stock numbers for the year to achieve your planned closing stock numbers. Handy if you trade large quantities of livestock.

Averages - By clicking into the worksheet detail of your livestock, you can view your averages with weight and price for each of your stock classes to get a quick read on how you are tracking. Click the LW or CW options to view either live weight or carcass weight.

Learn more:

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