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Sort columns in your invoice
Sort columns in your invoice

Use Sorting to quickly and efficiently code your invoices

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If you regularly receive large supplier invoices, there are many tools and techniques you can use to speed up the process of coding these including sorting columns.

The 'Sort' function in invoices can be used to group similar coding lines together so that you can quickly apply the same code or merge selected lines into a new single coding line.

You can sort your invoice lines in ascending or descending order by:

  • Code

  • GST type

  • Description

  • Tag

  • Qty

  • Line amount

The column that you are sorting by is denoted with an up or down arrow, depending on the order you've chosen it view it.

Recommended process for coding large invoices

  1. Filter invoices by Zero dollar lines and select all the zero dollar lines.

  2. Bulk delete all the zero-dollar lines

  3. Then filter by uncoded lines

  4. Code uncoded lines. Utilise functionality such as coding rules, bulk code, merge, etc. As the invoice lines are coded they will be removed from the uncoded lines filter. They are available if you filter by all lines.

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