Livestock Trading report

Use this report to look at the physical production in your farm business

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The Stock trading report displays detailed information about the livestock physical performance in your business by using:

  • Opening and closing stock numbers
    These figures are taken from your livestock rec for the data you're viewing

  • Opening and closing weights and values for each stock class
    These values are taken from information you enter into Settings - Livestock

  • Births, Deaths & Missing
    These figures are taken from your livestock rec for the data you're viewing

  • Livestock sales & purchases
    This includes the quantity and weight you enter into actual and planned items

  • kgCW/ha
    Make sure you have entered the effective area in Settings - Farm Business.

With this information, you can use this report to measure the production progress of your farm business, compare it to previous years, and different plan scenarios.


This report displays all weight-related information as carcass weight.

This means that if you record opening & closing weights, and actual and planned items with live weight, they will be converted into carcass weight for this report, based on the yield % recorded on the stock class.

If you need to change the yield%, this topic will tell you how to Customise livestock settings,

How does the report work?

It is a financial year report which means it will include all payable and receivable events.

For example, if you sell stock on 30 June 2020 (the 2020 financial year) and receive payment in July (the 2021 financial year), the event will appear in the 2020 year report.

You can use this report to look at your Working Plan, Baseline and any Drafts.

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