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How to connect with Crystal Payroll
How to connect with Crystal Payroll

Learn how to set up and use the integration with Crystal Payroll

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If you use Crystal Payroll as your payroll provider, you can set up an integration with Farm Focus. This connection will provide a link to Crystal Payroll so that your invoices can be posted into Farm Focus, fully coded, and ready to match with your bank transaction.

Setting up your Crystal Payroll integration

  1. Log into Farm Focus and go to the Settings - Connectors and choose the Crystal Payroll option.

  2. Click on the Connect to Crystal Payroll button - this will redirect you to the login screen for Crystal Payroll.

  3. Enter your Crystal Payroll login credentials.

  4. Locate Company Settings on your left-hand side menu, then select the Import/Export option.

  5. In the top dropdown box select Farm Focus, and in the second dropdown select Invoice for Whole Company.

  6. Click Save - you will now be redirected to Farm Focus to complete the authentication of this connection.

  7. Choose your farm business from the dropdown menu and click to Allow Access.

  8. You are now connected.

Setting up your General Ledger Codes:

  1. Log into Crystal Payroll.

  2. In the left-hand menu locate the Company Settings and choose the Import/Export option.

  3. Click on Setup General Ledger Code to map your codes correctly for Farm Focus

  4. You will need to select your options for each of the three categories: Gross Earnings, IRD Deductions, and Take Home Pay. Make sure you select an option in the top dropdown box of each category.

  5. Select your codes for the detailed items in each category by clicking on the Setup GL Code for Items button. If you leave these item codes empty they will default to the code you have selected for the category.

  6. Click Save. When your payroll invoice appears in Farm Focus it will be fully coded.

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