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How to post an invoice from Crystal Payroll
How to post an invoice from Crystal Payroll

Learn how to post an invoice from Crystal Payroll to Farm Focus

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Once you have set up your connection with Crystal Payroll, you will need to post your payroll invoice into Farm Focus each pay cycle so that the information appears in Farm Focus, fully coded and available to be matched to the bank transaction.

Posting an Invoice to Farm Focus

  1. Log into Crystal Payroll.

  2. Go to the main menu, choose Accounting Analysis

  3. Select General Ledger analysis.

  4. Select the period and dates. You can also choose to show a breakdown of codes by employees by checking the box.

  5. Click Send to Farm Focus.

  6. The invoice from Crystal Payroll will appear in your Needs Action screen. It will be fully coded and waiting to be matched to the corresponding bank transaction.

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