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How to handle income invoices with the Invoice Scanner
How to handle income invoices with the Invoice Scanner
Income invoices cannot be read by the invoice scanner. Here are a couple of ways to adjust the income and expense items to read correctly.
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The invoice scanner is a very handy tool to use to scan through your invoices into Farm Focus. The scanner will read the invoice for you, inputting correct dates, dollar amounts, and line descriptions for you. The source document will also be attached in Farm Focus for your reference.

The scanning software may need some help to read the lines on invoices that it isn't used to reading, in which case you will be notified by email to Review the Document. This will take you through the process to Fill in the Gaps. Learn more about this process here.

There are some limitations with the Invoice scanner. Currently, the scanner reads expense invoices only, not credit invoices. But you can still use the scanner to record these credit invoices by making a few small changes.

Adjust invoice scanner to income invoice:

  • Send your income invoice to the invoice scanner email address.

  • Depending on the invoice, you will have an email bounce back to Review the Document, otherwise it will come through into Farm Focus but with debit amounts rather than credit.

  • Review the document from the email or use the Fill in the Gaps button from the invoice in Farm Focus.

  • Select all relevant information (invoice date, due date, other party, line description, amounts) and click the Save icon.

  • In Farm Focus your invoice will appear with all the correct information except all in negative amounts. In the top line in the green header, delete the minus (-) symbol and hit Enter. This will revert all your line amounts to be positive, and the total to be positive.

  • Click Save and your invoice will now appear in your Needs Action screen as an income invoice.

Create a manual Money In Invoice:

You also have the option of creating a manual Money In invoice and attaching the relevant documents to the invoice, however using the invoice scanning tool allows you to select your relevant information directly from the invoice and therefore reduces the ability for human error and manually typing incorrect descriptions or amounts.

Learn more about creating a manual invoice here.

Other handy tips:

  • Auto-forward your invoices: Most emails accounts (except gmail) have the ability to create auto-forwarding rules. You can choose for any of your emails that have the word "Invoice" in the subject line to automatically forward a copy to the invoice scanner.

  • Check your emails to see which ones have been forwarded: You can arrange your emails in order of those which have an attachment, and can check down the list to see which ones have the blue Forwarding arrow next to them, and will know that the invoice has been forwarded.

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