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Email your tax invoices directly to your customers
Email your tax invoices directly to your customers

Learn about the email function in Farm Focus to send your tax invoices directly to your customers

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When you create a tax invoice in Farm Focus you can choose to send an email directly to your customer with a pdf copy of the invoice attached. This function will help to keep track of which invoices have been emailed, and on what date, to help you manage your debtors.

Before you start

For this function to work, ensure your customer's email address is saved in your contacts. Go to Settings > Contacts. The email will be sent to only one address so ensure it is the correct email address for your customers' accounts or admin contact. You can also choose to edit your contact from within the tax invoice form when you are creating the tax invoice. Click to input your Other party and choose the Edit option to fill in any missing details.

How to email your tax invoice directly from Farm Focus:

  • In your Needs Action screen, click on Create tax invoice

  • Enter all relevant details in the invoice form and when you are ready to finalise it, click on Preview & Generate.

  • If you haven't got an email address for the customer in your contacts, you will not be able to send the invoice directly to your customer. You will be prompted to update your Other party. You can still click to Generate Tax Invoice at this stage and a PDF of your tax invoice will be saved to your downloads for you to manually email or send to your customers.

  • Once you have an email address for your Other party you will be able to check the box to send the email directly. Whichever option you choose to check or uncheck this box, this option will persist for your subsequent tax invoices.

  • The email address for your customer will appear next to the check box for a final view to ensure the email address is correct before sending.

  • Click Generate & Send.

  • The pdf of the tax invoice will be attached to an email that is sent from a default Farm Focus email address. You will also be sent a copy of this email as a BCC (Blind carbon copy) recipient so that you can keep track of the dates and times an email was sent. The BCC recipient will be to the email address of the Farm Focus user who is logged in on that session.

  • Settings are in place to ensure that if a customer replies to this email it will be directed to the sender, not to Farm Focus.

What does the email look like?

The email message is a default which is not customisable. You have the option to create custom messages within the tax invoice if you choose. Click here to learn more about personalising your tax invoices.

A pdf attachment will be included with the email. The text will tell the customer the tax invoice number, the amount to pay, and the due date.

How do I keep track of the emailed tax invoices?

There are a couple of ways to keep a check on the tax invoices that have been sent. Any of the emailed invoices will also be sent to you as a BCC recipient and you can keep a folder in your emails to file these if needed.

You can also click into your Tax Invoices tab in your Actuals and will see that any emailed invoices will now be flagged with a SENT token.

What if I want to email an existing tax invoice?

You can choose to email any of your tax invoices that have been previously generated if you wish. Select the relevant tax invoice and click on Generate Copy. You can then follow the same process to check the email box and send a copy to your customers.

You can send a tax invoice more than once if needed to remind customers of outstanding payments.

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