Import goPayroll/ SmoothPay invoices

Save time and import your goPayroll invoices into Farm Focus. Key words: payroll, goPayroll, go payroll, SmoothPay

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Follow these simple steps to import your payroll file into Farm Focus from goPayroll / SmoothPay

What are the benefits?

  • It saves time as you no longer have to manually create invoices

  • It ensures your information is accurate

  • It allows you to better use the Current month revision and Daily bank balance functions to better manage your money

1. In your Needs Action screen select Payroll File from the File upload modal.

2. Select your provider. In this instance your provider is goPayroll.

3. Select Browse to locate the file on your device. It will be a .txt file

NOTE: Before you can import the file, you need to download it from your supplier's website first.

4. Select Import

5. You will find your GoPayroll invoice in the Needs Action screen and the amount will be $0.00. Click on the invoice.

6. Remove the Net wages line from the invoice by clicking on the three dots and selecting Delete line.

NOTE: The description for Net wages will vary from person to person. Words that may be used include: Control, Net, Net Wages

7. The total will be updated

8. Code the invoice

9. Click Save

10. The goPayroll invoice is back in the Needs Action screen and greyed out. This means the invoice is coded and ready to be matched with the bank transaction once the wages have been paid and the money has gone out of your account.

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