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Managing cheques for Australian clients
Managing cheques for Australian clients

Best practice for managing cheques in Farm Focus (if not using Invoice Scanner)

Updated over a week ago

When a cheque is written, create a manual invoice using the + Record function on the Invoices side of the Needs Action screen.

The invoice date will be the date written on the cheque and the due date will be the date you expect the cheque to be presented at the bank.

Once the cheque has been presented and the money has been withdrawn, match the invoice with the corresponding bank transaction.

There are many benefits of using Invoices in Farm Focus, such as;

  • Keeping track of when a cheque has been presented/payment processed, as it will remain in Needs Action until matched to the bank transaction.

  • The coded invoice is included in your 'Current Month' view of your Working Plan, giving you the most up-to-date revision of your Working Plan.

  • Utilising the Daily Bank Balance function to manage your cashflow.

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