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Import Ace Payroll, Smartly and goPayroll invoices
Import Ace Payroll, Smartly and goPayroll invoices

Save time and import your Payroll files into Farm Focus: Ace Payroll. Smartly, goPayroll

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Follow these simple steps to import your payroll files into Farm Focus.

What are the benefits?

  • It saves time as you no longer have to manually create invoices

  • It ensures your information is accurate

  • It allows you to better use the Current Month revision and Daily bank balance functions to better manage your money.

1. In your Needs Action screen select Payroll File from the File upload modal.

2. Select your provider. Your options are: Ace Payroll, Smartly, or goPayroll.

NOTE: If your provider is goPayroll you use a slightly different process. Click here if you are a goPayroll customer.

3. Select Browse to locate the file on your device.

NOTE: Before you can import the file, you need to download it from your supplier's website first.

4. Select Import

You will find your invoice in the Needs Action screen, ready to code.

Tips and Tricks

Ace Payroll
The compatible Ace Payroll file is found in Utilities > Export Data.
In the Export Setup Select 'Accounting Data' and save to your device.

Smartly file

The compatible file is found in Run a pay > Export pay details.

The file is in csv format and downloaded with the file name ExportPayFile.


The compatible file is found in Reports > Pays > Cost centre analysis (batch).
Click Run report.
In the 'Select payroll batch' screen, select 'costing file' from the dropdown box and select OK.

Now go to Files and download the latest glcosting.txt file to your device.

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