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Deactivate a Bank Account
Deactivate a Bank Account

Learn how to deactivate a bank account. You will need to do this if you change banks or bank accounts.

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If you change banks or bank accounts you will need to deactivate old or historical bank accounts. This will remove them from your Needs Action screen and ensure the historical bank accounts do not affect the balances in your Working Plan.

Watch this video or read this resource to learn about deactivating a bank account.

Preparation for deactivating an account

The best practice is to have a $0.00 balance in Farm Focus for the Bank account you want to deactivate. Generally, this will occur naturally as any funds in that account will be transferred to your new account. If this is not the case, then it is recommended you create a manual transaction to bring the balance to $0.00. Learn to create a manual transaction.

You will also need to balance the account you intend to deactivate. Learn about balancing.

Deactivate the account

  1. Go to Settings > Bank Accounts.

  2. Check the Bank Account is not your default account as you are unable to deactivate a default bank account. To change your default account: Go to Default Account and select the most appropriate account to be your new default account. Select that account and Save. You can now deactivate that account as it is not your default.

    If you only have one bank account then the best practice is to first set up your new bank account and make the new bank account your default account so the old bank account can be deactivated.

  3. Click into the Bank account you want to deactivate.

  4. Go to Account Status and move the toggle from Active to Inactive and Save.

  5. The account will now be displayed as an Inactive account

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