You can create transaction coding rules from two areas in Farm Focus:

  • Settings - Codes - Bank transaction coding rules
    Make sure you have a copy of your bank statement (paper or electronic) to refer to.

  • Within the bank transaction itself (Recommended)
    Information in the transaction such as the Other Party, Reference and coding information is automatically pulled into the coding rule for you.

Create a rule from the bank transaction

  1. Click on the coding rule image in the top right of the transaction.

  2. Review the coding rule and click Save.

NB: If the Other Party, Reference and Particular fields contain information in the transaction, this will automatically populate in the coding rule criteria.

This also applies to any coding lines that you have entered.

You can choose when you want to coding rule to be applied either by:

  1. Opening each transaction individually in Needs Action to commit the coding rule

  2. Applying coding rules to all applicable transactions as one step in Needs Action. Find out more

More information

What are coding rules

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