This topic will cover how to create a coding rule from your settings screen.

The easiest way to create a coding rule is from within a transaction.
To find out how, Please click here

TIP: When creating a coding rule, use the information shown on your bank transactions as your coding rule criteria.
Once a rule is created, Focus will search for the information in your transactions. Where a transaction matches a coding rule, Focus will automatically code it for you.



Tom and Beth Have 3 power accounts. 

When creating coding rules they will use 2 sets of criteria:

  1. Where the Other Party contains Power company and,
  2. Where the Reference (from the bank transaction) contains:
  • House
  • Farm power
  • Or Pump shed

Because Tom and Beth have created rules with two sets of criteria, only bank transactions that contain both criteria will be automatically coded.

Eg. The other party Power company and the reference House will be automatically coded to the category code EL:H (Electricity:House)

To create a rule

 In the settings screen. 

  1. Click Codes.
  2. Select Bank transaction coding rules.
  3. On the following page, Click Add new rule.

Step 1. Set the criteria

  1. Set the first criteria. 
  2. Click Add Criteria:
    Another criteria option will appear in the list.
  3. Set the second criteria 

Step 2. Set the Action

You can choose to:

  • Code the full amount to a single code
  • Code a set $ amount to a specific code and the remainder to another code or Tag
  • Code a % of the transaction to a specific code and the remainder to another code or Tag

Step 3. Review

  • Each time:
    Choose to review the coding rule before the transaction is sent to completed.
  • Apply automatically:
     Focus will code the transaction and send it straight to completed.

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