Debtors Statement

Learn how to keep track of your debtors by viewing and creating a Debtors statement for each of your customers

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The Debtors Statement is a report you can use to help keep track of your Tax Invoices and Credit Notes that are outstanding with your customers. You can produce reports from any period in which you have been generating Tax Invoices from Farm Focus. These reports can be downloaded as a PDF or printed to be sent to your customers.

How to create a Debtors Statement:

  • Go to Reports > Debtors > Debtors Statement

  • Select the Customer you wish to generate the report for, and select the relevant timeframe.

  • A list of all Tax invoices (INV) and Credit Notes (CN) will appear with the invoice date within the timeframe selected, and in the order in which they have been generated.

  • The opening balance will show anything previously still owing, with a list of all interactions within the timeframe below to calculate the closing balance. The closing balance is the total outstanding balance. All amounts are GST inclusive to display the correct total amount owing.

  • You can click on the Print icon at the top right-hand corner to generate a PDF copy to send to your customers or print a paper copy to send. This downloaded file will be labelled with the Debtor's name and the date the file was generated for ease of recording.

  • This printed version will print as a Statement with your business logo, GST number, contact details, and payment information.

You can create this report for any period you wish. If the account is fully paid when due, then the opening and closing balances will be $0.00.

The Debtors Statement does not have a direct email function. You will need to download your report and then attach it to an email to your customer.

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