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Create a workspace

A workspace is an area where rural professionals can coordinate who can work on specific farms. Learn how to create a workspace.

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Workspaces enables rural professionals to better serve their Farm Focus customers by seamlessly and easily managing their Farm Focus accounts in a secure, auditable, and trusted way.

Workspaces give rural professionals such as accountancy, bank and farm consultancy businesses direct control over who can access Farm Focus farms within their organisation and to what level. The rural professional creates a workspace. The subscription admin (usually the farm owner) permits their farm to be part of a workspace. (The subscription admin is the person who pays for the Farm Focus subscription and is usually the farm owner.) Access to farms in that workspace is then controlled by the rural professional organisation or more precisely the workspace administrator in the rural professional organisation.

Click here to learn more about workspaces.

Create a workspace

The accountancy, bank or farm consultancy businesses must initiate this step.

Watch this video or read this resource to learn how to create a workspace.

  1. Log into Farm Focus and go to the drop-down arrow on the top left-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Select Start new.

  3. Go to the Focus Workspace panel and select Create workspace

  4. Complete the modal

    1. Select the workspace type. Your options are Accountancy, Bank or Consultancy.

    2. Name the workspace, as appropriate. Suggested approach is <company name>, [comma] <location or area>, and must be clear for farmers to identify their rural professional and region.

    3. Enter your NZ business number (optional),

    4. Enter your physical address,

    5. Accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and

    6. Select Create.

Overview of your workspace

Navigate to your workspace by clicking on the Farm name drop down and your workspace will be at the bottom of the list.

1. Name of the workspace.

2. The farm counter states the number of farms that are in the workspace and can be used to navigate to the Farms page.

3. The members counter states the number of members of the workspace and can be used to navigate to the Members page.

4. Farms page.

5. Members page.

6. Settings cog. Only workspace administrators will see the settings cog.

Workspaces logo

You can customise your workspace with a unique logo. This task can only be performed by a workspace administrator.

NOTE: Adding your logo will ensure that all your customers' reports are customized with your branding.

  1. Log into the workspace.

  2. Go to Settings > Workspace logo

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